Welcome to The Copper Kingdom, Amlwch, Anglesey

The "Copper Kingdom" refers to the area of Amlwch in Anglesey, North Wales which once had the largest copper mine in the world.

Copper was mined at Parys Mountain and then taken down to Amlwch Port where it was processed further before being shipped around the world. The Copper Kingdom Centre based in Amlwch Port tells the story.

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• COPPER KINGDOM CENTRE: Award winning Heritage Centre located in Amlwch Port
• SAIL LOFT: Maritime Heritage Centre also located in Amlwch Port
• PARYS MOUNTAIN: The source of the copper which made the area famous
• THE TRUST: Details about the organisation behind The Copper Kingdom
• MANAGEMENT: Membership of the Trust
• ENVIRONMENT: How the trust is protecting the environment
• EDUCATION: Information for Teachers and pupils to plan a visit
• LOCATION: How to find the Parys Mountain and Copper Kingdom Centre
• LINKS: Interesting links for your visit to the area
• CONTACTS: How to make contact with us
• CYMRAEG: Information in the Welsh Language
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